Being new in a strange place
This place is strange
I never thought it could get this bad
After matriculating all I ever wanted was to leave home
I wanted this so called freedom
I wanted to be free

But now that I think of it
Free from what?
I got so mixed up with freedom that I did not even understand
I always thought being free was freedom
But the truth is freedom is an outcome
You get is after doing something that will lead you to it

This place is so cruel
I’m a stranger in my own country
You only realize how much you miss home when life knocks you out
I never thought it could get this bad
I miss being loved
I miss the people I love
I miss going to people that look at me and see a human being

This place that I am in is no place at all
People get killed every day
Girls are stolen like it is nobody’s business
Boys turn to drugs to try and find comfort
This place is strange and I am all alone

Funny though how we always want to be free
The truth is you will only be free
When you realize the things that the Lord has blessed you with

Make no excuses
Work hard and the Lord will be with you
Though this place is strange
I only get one chance to be the new guy
Either I die here or I keep pushing
Although it is hard, I will not give up…