I want to be an artist that’s free.
Free to let my creativity flow like a river flowing into the sea
Where the waves are crashing against the bounds that society has taught us to believe.
A belief that the only way to be successful is through paper thin trees.
Trees that were a gift from mother nature, to nurture the seeds we plant
Because whatever we sow, we reap.
What we reap nowadays are the fruits of corrupt seeds.
Seeds that are planted for the purpose of being harvested just so we can say:
”I have a degree”.
A degree no different than a permit giving man the right to go on a killing spree.
A spree that will paint the earth with the red ink that we bleed.
Bleed through our eyes when the souls we love are forced to leave to a better place where they can only be at peace.
Peace is what we need in order for our society to be free.
Free is not what we will be, when all we want is to be seen.
Seen and approved by everyone has become a desirable disease.
A disease we need to release so that we may be at ease.


What I need is to be free.
Free to live, to create, to love and most importantly…
To be.
Be who I am meant to be.