Fort Harare
You are home to countless individuals around the world
You have produced hero and heroes of Africa
You are surrounded by the beautiful nature
under the mountains and valley of Hogs burg under the Somgxada hill

You are place of new begging’s and new hope
Walking down the freedom square and Mandela walk,
one can feel the spirit of our heroes
We salute Scottish missionaries such as James Stewart
that led to the creation of Fort Harare

Fort Harare
You have taught individuals many things they were not vigilant about.
You changed mindset of others and they are able to see things differently
The only university that accommodates the poor
When we talk of Fort Harare, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe and many others come on our minds

Fort Harare
When parents send their children to the institution, hope is instilled
Dreams became a reality
Poverty is eradicated
University of Fort Harare is the University of freedom, optimist, reality, transition
University of Fort Harare is the University of hope, accomplishments, revolution, Explorer