I was once a branch of a strong tree
I was happy and problem-free like a gentle breeze
My heart was warm filled with love before I found myself here.

I was strong willed with the future promising
My personality was all round like the bubbles.
Now I sit, looked at by those judging eyes of yours.
I sit with my hand out to reach into your heart
Hoping my sorrowful smile will touch you.
Maybe in the darkness you will spark a torch, and finally bring light.

When you talk to me you see trash, my pride you smash.
Poverty smells like rotting in my flesh.
I chase my troubles away a drink of numbness
I also want to be loved but the streets are cold and ruthless.

Pitiful cold nights are our daily curse.
I rejoice with the little I have, but it’s never enough.
They see me and turn a blind eye, I guess we are the forgotten children.
We are nurtured by the streets filled with hope like Peter Pan.
Cardboard bed, covered by a plastic bag, no promises for food I beg.
I guess I can never have my life back