Is forgiveness easy?
When we went through so much pain?
Do you lose something when you forgive?
Will forgiveness not bring you healing?
I know and understand your pain,
It’s not easy, pain.

But if you learn to forgive
Wouldn’t life be much easier?
Wouldn’t your life be much better?
Better than your thoughts?

Many of us are suffering,
Suffering from past wounds,
Past wounds that can be forgiven.
Past wounds that can be healed.

I know your pain is hard to forgive
But you can heal.
I know and understand your pain.
We all went through some sort of pain in our lives.
Pain that brought us tears and suffering.
But all I am asking is forgiveness.
Forgiveness from past experiences,
Forgiveness from past pains,
Forgiveness from past wounds,
Wounds that brought you suffering.

Choose a new path.
A path of forgiving.
A path of understanding
people will come to hurt you.
But if you choose to forgive them ,
you can move on.

Move on to new beginnings.
New beginnings that will heal you.
New beginnings full of happiness.
I know it is not easy.
But bit by bit
Step by step
Your life can change,
Can change to a better way of living
A better life of understanding
That forgiveness will take time
But eventually you will heal.