They said it would hurt, they didn’t say how much.
Pain squeezed in these lines, so I inscribed my words with teary eyes
Struggling to exhale, my chest compressed in pain and grief.

It’s hard to believe, I have been hiding a grave behind a beautiful mind.
Suicidal thoughts are the closest relationship I ever had
And she kisses me goodbye every time I tell a lie.

She comes in sneaking, my feelings she is abusing,
Been trying to find meaning, seems I am too far from healing.
Now my walls are melting, and the fire is breaking.
Even in the ashes I have been trying to be forgiving
They say it sets you free so I blame the dirt in my spirit
Holding me back from the freedom I am seeking.
Somehow I congest to the words of forgiveness,
I am not heartless, that’s what happens when life darkens
And I carry a burden, they call me a sinner,
The same Preacher that points a finger lingers lecherous,
Every day of my life felt like the last, so I Say prayer to save my life
Forgive my past, I’m trying to make the most of the less I have got.