Remember my first guy, a Shona
He would tell me, ‘Ndinoda’
Everyday calling me his ‘Mudiwa’
He wanted me to be his ‘mukadzi’
In his eyes he meant it.

He wrote sweet letters with 1000 kisses on the back
It was romantic and adorable
You did say I had ‘met the right one’
Sadly it didn’t last

I met a Nigerian, a Yoruba
He would call me beautiful ‘onyinye’ and his ‘yori yori’
I fell deeper in love
I was his ‘Ada’ and his ‘Yoki Yoki’
I swore Nigerians were honest in love
But it was a trap to get what he wanted

I met a Zulu
‘S’thandwa wami’
He was a good one though
I liked the language, I understood it
I knew Ndebele, was going to be his ‘mfazi’
The joy of hearing it, you want it to last and last
But he promised me the world in English and made me his queen.

I met a white guy, cute but deceiving
I was the first to date one in my family
I needed to try it and see how it panned out
Maybe he was the last guy
I was his everything but actions proved otherwise

I had to kiss a lot of frogs, before the prince, as they say…
It’s never eezy peezy!
I had a way to go.