Two friends are my company
Both silent, both full and heavy
From home we come. Together all the way
But no nostalgic laughter we can share
They just hang upon my shoulders and don’t care
I wanna carry them no more!

I see old women along the road
Never too old to run like Bolt chases wealth
Which runs like a cheetah, so far
But none I can hug and call mother;
Whose love doesn’t whither.
I wanna see them no more!

Besides the road on which I strut,
With pride I left miles away,
Stand so tall the buildings like caricature
Like I heard being so said about Rome
But to none I can enter shout “Home, sweet home!”
I wanna see them no more!

Inside one building
I see my favourite food shop
I sigh, “Better at last”
But where is that waiter?
With jokes massaged by Midas;
Evicts old stresses in exodus?
I wanna eat here no more!

Opposite table I see three eye candies
Like Mona Lisa, they give a classical view
But none send “I love you”
I wanna see them no more!

This land is pale,
My mood is stale,
Why did I choose to come here?
Year so far from end;
Day one, home sick
Day two, I shall be comatose
I will end day three in rigor-mortis.
Unless you aeroplane descend
And I shall hold on to your tail end