Standing under the tree
Kissed by autumn as the
Leaves braze our faces,
As we make solemn promises
Of sharing eternity together.

The memories we have and
Share are written in the sands
Of time. As we grow in love each day,
We are reaching our prime.

As cupid points his arrow and
Shoots straight into my heart and
I get murdered by love, it is a
A cute and sophisticated kind of

I long for the days when I
Looked into your eyes and I saw
New galaxies. As your heart became
The milky way for me to discover a whole
New universe of who you are.

I long for the hugs that made me
Melt in your arms. I long for the
Tender kisses that embraced my lips.
I long for the comfort that soothed the
Pain away. Most importantly, I
Long for you and you alone.

“Love is about learning, seeking and
Discovering more about your soulmate for
eternity”- Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.