I switched off the bulb to have a long fantasy
Earphones give me music that clears my head
Thinking about my life, me and you, where we begun
The happy memories keep on coming in my mind

How can a world turn so ugly on me?
Why me? Why now?
What have I done to deserve the bad luck that is always with me
First time we met everything was going so smoothly

I gave you my heart, even when you hurt me I still say it’s okay
The apple of my eye, why are you so blind, can’t you see that I love you?
I was with you when you were happy and even when you were crying
Why do poor guys like me always have no luck finding true love?

Petunia, my flower of many legends, the pink one that smells so good
I chose to pick a flower like you in the garden of many flowers
When I found you, I thought I would be a fool if I was not interested in you
When you gave me a chance to be with you, I had so much hope… but now…

You dug up the past and the outcomes say we are from the same roots
The people that know the whole truth, they are gone, and now it is just me and you
I will never let you go, maybe our forefathers wanted us to be together forever
Let’s join together as a couple and let’s ignore the history like it never existed

I thought I had a heart of stone, but you built a home to stay in
When you are next to me, I am smiling like a little baby that is six months old
When you touch my body, I feel like am in a place where there are no bodies
But only two birds that always sing together and fly together