Accession to the castle you’ve built around me
With livelihood of mundane moments and memories,
And the belief in the strides you and I can tread
In pursuit of a romantic immersion so deserving of a chase.

For the sake of the golden bells knocking on our hearts.
Say the word to rip loose that exuberance of mutual adoration,
Reflected by the genuine rush of desire we derive,
From the magical rejoice ordeal spiralling the horizon,

Derailed on our course bound for a palace feared and fancied.
Tell me now Princess, tell me what I’m poised to hear.
For the sake of the fire that’s aglow in your eyes,
Our passion-laden encounters so rapid and peculiar,
And a fantasy of such gravity it gives our brains a lull.
Unleash the hard core affection that fills your heart,

For the sake of the lingering cloud about to befall our dreams.
For the sake of the moon, the sun and the roses.
For the sake of them all.
For the sake of all the good and precious things, we were meant to share.