(From a guy’s point of view)
This is to my baby.
For all the times she didn’t believe me,
I know she wanted to,
but I still don’t understand why she didn’t

I’ve told her she looks lovely,
she smells divine
and that I love the way she cooks
I’ve told her a lot of things

She knows how to walk the walk
and definitely knows how to dress
her gorgeous body
She’s not just a girl, she is a full woman

She is the mother of my adorable children,
Wife to me
and daughter to my mother
She is a princess to the universe

She is everything… Everything a man could want
ask for and need
I love this woman.
Words cannot express this feeling of love.

This is to my baby.
I love you… You mean everything to me.
I appreciate all you’ve done for me.
This is for you