It can’t be…
I’m not a wanna be
I don’t need to be famous, trust me
What people do is disgusting
I mean…
What people will do is discuss me

I might be rhyme haunted please note that
Otherwise I’m different from something normal
I hope you know that

Tell me if I’m sick mentally
Maybe I say that carelessly
I don’t rap anymore and never was deep into drugs
Except for dagga

Now this hunger of expression
Is a live extension
Some may think it’s dead
Accidentally touch it
It can cause electrocution

I won’t get your call anyways
Yes I knock and you’d open
But there’s only bad luck for me these days

Have you ever had trust and then it was lost
Because you turned your back when you had something?
When you lose that dime you end up asking yourself –
Is what you did like doing crime?

Happy people, it’s their time to be happy
I just hope I don’t have a stroke and choke
Feeling as if something went straight in my heart and stabbed me

Most probably I will not live forever but so as my sad face
It won’t deny me to smile and it won’t stop me
As I’m on a dream chase

I day-dream a lot every day
I thank God for giving me the moment for me to embrace
I breathe beneath the ocean of thoughts yet I’m no fish
Give me a pen, I’ve gained artistic strength I wish to unleash
On a piece of paper I’m a poet freestyling as if I’m a painter

That’s why I quit rapping
Because it’s embarrassing to not call myself an MC

Yes, OK?
Need I not bring you into hip-hop culture?
Can we get back to molding a sculpture?

My life is a trip
As I drive I wish to have a navigation advisor
I’m only lucky to grow wiser
Elders keep opening my eyes
So I won’t sleep as if I was drinking an energizer

To tell the truth I’m a fantasizor
I get jealous, wishing I own what you have
Because I’ve got nothing
But why do I turn a blind eye when God is my provider?

How did I get this far?
I don’t know…
Am I lucky each day I get missed by a car?
I’m done gazing to the star
I hate it
I wasn’t able to buy myself a horoscope
At times I feed my mind poison to blame somebody
So I have discussions between my two brain hemispheres

At that moment there’s visitors like stress
Who just came to make me feel depressed
One of those visitors is the one called headache,
He doesn’t knock, he just comes budging in
So as they keep me company
I feel like I’m locked in a jail cell
Wondering when it is that I will be free?
These are the symptoms of some illnesses
Which I hope that you and I will come up with a remedy to