You promised me the whole world,
Then I cut out all of my friends for you,
You told me you loved me every day,
I became obsessed with your life too,
Until I found that you had been lying,
You had been pretending in my presence,
Your excuse is that you didn’t want to disappoint me,
I guess I was a stupid fool to believe you,
What about the moments we created together?

You fooled me into love,
Every single moment we were together,
I don’t think I will heal from this,
The truth is I treated you like a queen
Of my heart and palace and
What I got in return is that I’m enough,
You have fooled everyone who believed in us,
Everyone who believed in our relationship,
I know that you don’t dish up for the heart,
But you could have compromised yourself

I cut out all my friends just to be with you,
Now you just turn on everything I have been through,
You have taught me a lesson which I will never forget,
You have taught that those who you love always hurt you,
When you came to me you claimed to love me and
I was a fool to fall for that