Do I panic?
It just crossed my mind without hesitating to look out for traffic
I have this feeling of envy
I’m so jealous I get angry

My emotions are hard as steel.
Who do I cry to if my whole glass of milk got a spill?
I live in a town called Hate
Whether you’re harsh or polite we all have the same fate

To me my own heart is a mystery
If I don’t change my ways soon I may live with great misery
I have a debate with honesty
I’m so broke, so, do I give back this wallet to the rightful owner?

My wellbeing starts to mutate,
I thought I was better than other people,
But what do a few say?
I’m just going to accept everything as it is unveiled.
Of course my life is a big deal,
but it’s not bigger than five whales.

My mind became hungry for knowledge,
With friends who smoke they can have me discouraged.
I used to go against every word my father spoke,
Like the time he caught me smoking marijuana
I didn’t speak until I choked.

A hungry mind
I haven’t eaten anything
My stomach feels as if it’s full.