It felt more like a dream
Side-by-side swimming in our affections
Yours, was but the heart’s comfort
And fairer it felt as we swore the forever after
Never did I once imagine this
That poisonous were your lips
And believing in the puffs therein
Could not spare one from going astray
For their sweet intertwined promises
Were as deadly as the fishing net in moonlight
Now, for myself my eyes heavily drip
Dripping regrets as numerous as the sea waters
Where my mind irresistibly dives in time to time
Are these memories worthy contemplations?
Those which align from the genesis of our fatal fate
When the famous Manganje rhythms stole our spirits away
Right under the brilliant bright stars on the village arena
Where we performed a sight read the heart never erases
Truly, my heart you reaped away from my chest
With your charming body as the worm on a hook

And I, the poor little fish going for a bite of her fresh
And then realising am fished out of my fresh waters
Never again to happily propel through them