Who are you?

I am your father.
You are my only seed in this world.
I gave you life.
You were never without me.

Why have you come to show yourself?

I need to bond with you, my son.
I need to mend your heart.
Cut down the thorn fence that is separating us.
I know what you’ve been through: enfer.

You sound poetic, I don’t understand. Why have you come to show yourself?

The truth is, I’m dying son.
I have AIDS and brain tumor.
The doctor’s factual report says I am left with only three months,
then I’ll be back to my Maker.


Please, don’t give me that look.
I didn’t give you and your mother any disease.
You must be astounded, that I comprehend.
Please give me a chance.

What chance? You’re dying!

I know,
But I have to prepare you for the world.
I owe you that much.
One last chance, please.

What do you want from me exactly?

I want you to be there for me.
I know that’s unfair.
I want to hold your hand when I let go.
The face I want to see when I leave Earth is yours and yours only.

No, go where you’re from.
We don’t need you, contaminator.
You were never my father, just a sperm donor.