Tell her how gorgeous she is,
She is not broken, cannot be fixed.
Only lost hope that she matters in this world.
Grab her on her waist pull her close and kiss her.
She’s beautiful still with her broken smile.

Although she hides her scars behind the makeup.
She’s worth the effort and fight.
You can try to make her worthless she has the strength.
‘Cause her humility can draw you close to her.
She is not one in a million she is the only one.
Purely for my heart I can’t wait to make her my bride.

Whether it’s the impossible odds or the rain.
Her neck can be caressed gently.
I kiss her on the forehead ‘cause I’m touched by her strength.

Whether in a picture or sat against the sea
As a cloud she floats gently above me
The currents and the streams.
Her neck where sections sit
The way her necklace rests ever so delicately
Her soft brown skin
Through all this.
I am touched in so many ways.

Whether it’s a mirror or stood against the sky
As the music the cosmos makes in our silence
The stars and the planets
Her neck where moons beam.

The way her necklace follows her collarbone
Through all this space,
Whether it’s gravity
And we are in every moment as we are together.

Our quantum dancing
The way her necklace falls so gracefully into place.
Through all this give her love and compassion.
‘Cause she is a beauty
With her broken smile.
After all she is a girl with dreams.
That needs a support structure.