Born a feminist.
A true fighter despite being a struggler.
To liberate my kind I’ll deliberate.
Give back a stand, to make amends.
Feminist, a warrior.

Ability for equality.
We want what’s ours, rightfully so.
Don’t care for 50/50, just want our dignity.
Can we be loved without being slapped.
Always a victim but never for being tame.
Feminist unapologetic.

Don’t care for your money, it’s actually funny you’d think we do.
Given opportunity we’ll work for prosperity.
More than bearers we’re carers.
Feminist, a worker.

Hold up on trying to bless, instead enable us.
For it’s rewarding and inspiring.
To educate, I’ll dedicate.
Feminist, lettered.

The question of the existence of my kind is not to mention.
That’d be questioning all existence.
A danger even just thinking of it.
I’m born feminist.
Feminist without borders.