Never was one to ever be afraid,
I was the strong & courageous type.
A ‘no nonsense type of girl’
Sadly that has changed.

I sleep with a bible under my pillow
Because I’m scared,
Scared that anyone can come into my home
And rape or kill me.

The frightening part is that you never know
Who is going to do this, these people come as
Our fathers, brothers, uncles & even church members.

Every time I go to the shop I take a knife with me
Because I’m scared.
I wear a lot of clothes just to cover up
Because people say that once you wear short clothes
You’re inviting the rapist.
Every time I look around
& I see a male I start panicking & praying.

Is this the world young girls, women & even grandmothers
Have come to live in. Being scared & having panic attacks
About going to the shop that’s just down the road
Because of these rapists.

I’m a 16 year old girl, traumatised & scared.
My biggest fear is dying with my legs open
With a guy telling me to shut up & me on the receiving end crying,
Pleading busy asking him & telling him to stop,
Saying “ncel’ undiyeke, ndiyaxolisa.”