Fear lives inside me
I can’t live in my own body,
I can’t leave my own house, I’m told to stay at home,
In order to stay safe.

My life has been put on hold,
Without my permission,
I’m being told what I can or cannot do,
I am a living statue.

Lockdowns are implemented,
Shutdowns are considered,
Economies and trades going down,
The world is at a standstill.

I have to wash and sanitise hands,
Wear a face mask,
Keep a distance,
Just to stay safe.

I am concerned,
Watch news everyday,
New cases are confirmed,
New deaths are issued,
Am I next?

I live in fear,
For my loved ones,
What if I catch it?
Will I survive?
How many people will I infect?

At first I didn’t take it seriously,
Thought it would pass,
But now I am terrified, it’s no longer a joke,
It is a scaring reality,
Is this my death?
My way of leaving Earth?
I’m not ready to say goodbye,
Not yet.