From fear to fear I keep on running
Running fast only to chase fear
I’m trying to survive within the smoke
But running in circles it’s hard to escape the road
I’m running in fear trying to escape fear
I’m trying to find a way to make it on this earth

It’s hard to raise a voice knowing very well it will never be
Money talks, I fear not having valuable words in my pockets
It’s not easy living in fear
I fear to fall before I even rise
Fear to impress the strangers only to leave the loved ones

Fear to ask whether GOD is black or white
Fear to find the difference between darkness and light
Fear to ask the uneducated where they got their wealth
Fear to watch my mother growing old in front of my eyes
Fear of walking cold but pressured to break the ice

Fear to find myself astray
Fear to make it only to let it slip away
Fear to watch my infant living in fear
Fear from dying broke
They say be brave to fade away fear
But how will you be brave if you’ve never been through fear?