I would like a moment of silence so I can speak from the heart,
let me bleed on this paper like I’m losing a lot of blood,
from the start I never knew you, a part of me resents the thought of it,
why were you never man enough to stand up for the truth,
why wasn’t I enough for the picking,
I’m kicking and screaming like I’m back to being a little kid with an oblivious attitude to reality,
In reality it’s obvious, but I guess we can still pretend that you’d attend to my needs if you could,
But we all know a selfish person doesn’t care about the needs of others just their own…

I never had a father figure

I never had a father that could figure out that I needed love too,
You made a life without me,
It’s crazy that you could live without me being a first born which has no bearing to your hearing
cause you could hear my cries but I bet you’d pass by and ask WHO’s child is that, don’t know why I spend my time writing about you, I wish you could’ve spent time worrying about me,
I remember crying for you now, I remember crying for you – doesn’t do it for me

Don’t know how to trust, cause the last person i trusted said he’d come back but he never did,
till this day I hear you saying you’ll see me later I guess it’s better late than never…