You came into my life
Like an angel from God
With your wings beautiful
Like a peacock

Every single word that your
Mouth aired in my land
Sounded wonderful in my
Ears like a hymn song

Your aroma played in my
Life like fresh air from
Lake Malawi during a
Summer season

My eyes never knew that
Your presence in my life was
Like a chameleon that changes
Its colour

My heart never thought your
Presence in my life was like a
Water waves from Lake Malawi
That kisses the land when happy

Your hands have now milked my love
From my heart like milk, leaving
My soul all empty like a widow
Who is hopeless

Your footsteps are now gone
In my life like my ancestors who
Who got married to the graves
When they were old like a grandmother

My voice no longer sprinkles in
Your eyes for they have appreciated
Other roses that have showered
In your land like rainfall

For God is always in my life
His love can never run away from
My life like Jonah in the Bible,
His love stagnates in my soul