I am a farmworker by choice.
I am proudly South African to be one.
My ability, knowledge and skills make me
a very suitable farmworker.
I like and desire to do my work with passion.
A farm produces all kinds of products.
Without farms, life would stand still.

Shops, supermarkets and tuckshops are stable
because of the farm … and my hands.
If I become ill and unable to attend
to my job and perform my duties,
many children and people will suffer hunger,
many companies will be closed
and many workers will lose jobs.
I work hard for our people to survive.

But I’m not complaining about my earnings
or striking for a salary increase.
I am not tolerating that from others.
The farm is a big supplier to
wholesalers, retailers, industries and firms.
But many people don’t realise
the importance of the farm and me.
They don’t even think but look down on me.

Our country’s economy is in my hands
and I care a lot about it.
I also encourage youngsters
to follow this career path
by heart, choice and love.
Follow it, don’t be driven by unemployment
be driven by talent and passion.
I salute myself and others
in the farm sector and industries.
We are heroes, professional by nature
not by qualification and education.