I’ve been in love before.
I’ve heard words about love that I can’t ignore.
Yes, I’ve heard the words, I can’t hear them anymore.
Even if I want to but still I can’t.

I have seen so many faces as I have traveled so many places.
But that’s all in the past, I don’t want to make my post last.
I want to make me present blast And that present are with you.

I want to fall again, I want to fall again in love with you.
Sometimes it might feel like it’s a game,
But has to be blamed me, you or our name?
I’m not afraid to take that chance though.

Sometimes it feels like we are at a distance,
We fight so hard to break this obstacle
And make every chance a miracle.
I ‘m not afraid to fall again.

I want to be that reason for you to smile,
Not be bad and make u cry.
At times u feel so lonely, but I want you to believe
And trust that u are mine.
Even if I’m in million miles away,
Trough good and bad we’re still going to rise.
And fall again.