What happened to all those wonderful dreams you had?
Have you ever taken a second to wonder
Why you stopped chasing them?
When did this laziness, this hopelessness creep in?
Of course it happened while you paused and took a look aside.

I live within you, yet you suffocate me,
You need me more than I do you,
Do not be misled by the world,
The hardships and the pain that you experience,
Are so that I can grow within you and become stronger,
And guess what? So will you.

We are never meant to separate,
But because along the way you have become materialistic,
And because you can’t see me nor touch me,
You have reduced me to something useless,
Well, that is your blindness,
For, concerned with touching and seeing me,
You have ignored the power of the spoken word,
I walk the same path as hope,
I believe in trust,
I am revived in declaration.

The physical world does not define me,
I was never made so you could hold me,
For in your efforts you might have broken me,
And you mistook my qualities for death,
Well, I tell you now,
That I am alive but asleep,
Awaken me and we will continue with our journey
I am faith and forever a friend to you.