At first I was just a minor pulp as they crushed me
Not knowing that one day I will be their shadow,
Not knowing that my creator made me into a sculptor.
Blooming in stability, solidity and substantiality.
They still saw no need of me,
Nevertheless I prospered, flourished and I thrived.
I knew that one day they would appreciate me.
I finally was their need for cover,
Their coolness giver,
We were as close as new young lovers,
I knew that they would rediscover,
Rediscover that I came naturally, not luckily.
Then the naked truth struck me from behind.
I ached from the pain as a dying tooth.
My leafs were falling as morning dew drops,
As I knew one day that my light will stop,
But deep down I knew that I was once someone’s example of a best shade,
My fading was my achieving.