In a world full of faces,
Faces all wearing masks
I am faceless
And I prefer it that way.

For though I am faceless
I am not colourless.
I am a blank canvas
Being painted in each second.

Though I sometimes struggle to express myself
I have not hardened myself
And built masks to hide behind

I am faceless
Because I choose to be an anomaly
Rather than be a another mask
In this cruel world.

And maybe you’re wondering
Why faceless
And not just unmasked?
Well it’s because my face is still being formed
Like a canvas

And no, not my real face
Just like people don’t wear real masks
I am talking about the face of my soul
What makes up who I am as a person

I am faceless
Because I am still forming my face
Through the good and the bad
There’s bound to be a few cracks
And no I won’t hide them
Rather I will fill them with the wisdom found
Make it the colour in a once bland place
For I am unique
And I do not dare try and pretend
So cracks is what you get
Because they represent the stories
And memories of what I’ve been through
Maybe there are even a few blemishes
For those times I made friends and lost them
Maybe a few stress lines got added along the way
Because I have been through hell
And returned stronger
Maybe there are bound to be a few burns
For I have walked through fire
For what I believed in
Maybe there are a few tear stains
For how would I have ever have found happiness
If I didn’t know a difference?
Maybe there’s a little make-up of variety
For those that brought beauty to my life
And smear marks of those that thought
They could build me up in their own image
Maybe there’s a tattoo
To show all the adventures I have been through
Maybe there’s a crown on top of the head of this face
For how could you survive
And not deserve a crown?
It never slips
For I am confident in the woman I am becoming.
The crown changes just as I change
But the crown never wavers
For it has found me worthy.
To stand tall
And always be sweet
To never waver in doing what is right.

You know what?
Maybe I am faceless
But my face is constantly being formed
And a mask has never touched my face
Nor will it ever
For even if my face looks weird to others
I will not care because I will not pretend
I will show of all these scars and blemishes
And stress lines and
Cracks with pride
Because they have formed me into who I am today
For it is who I am!

Because faceless
Still being formed
Is better than wearing masks
And being fake
In a world where everybody would rather pretend.