He chose to become an assassin in the Extreme Fantasy virtual game. This was a breath-taking experience few people would ever forget. He had no choice but to admit how happy he was that day. His dream of knowing what it felt to be killer had finally come true; at least to an extent of the fantasy world he found himself in.

“The feeling is unbelievable, I don’t believe I was actually an assassin in my fantasy world,” said Timothy to one of the subscribers of the virtual reality headset known as Extreme Fantasy.

This was a time machine capable of slowing down time so people could pursue their wildest fantasy dreams

“We are very happy you enjoyed our services sir,” said the video game sales assistant at the video game shop. Timothy stood up from the chair he was sitting on and took out the head phones covering his ears.

The video game sales assistant was about to close for the day as Timothy left the store. He was wrapping things up in the video game store. Unplugging the wires responsible for connecting the input devices between the virtual reality game machine and the video display device.

“Did you switch off all the electric sockets ?” asked the store manager of the video game shop.

“Yes sir , everything is switched off,” replied the sale assistant.

Timothy was in the parking lot about to exit the shopping complex when he started feeling a bit dizzy.

“Hi sir, please move your car, you are blocking the entrance!” shouted a truck driver who came to deliver goods to one of the shops in the complex.

“Oh I am so sorry sir, I totally forgot where I was,” replied Timothy driving through the entrance gate exiting the shopping complex.

After half an hour driving, Timothy finally arrived home. He parked his car in the garage and went into the house.

“Honey I’m home,” he said calling his wife.

He took off his shoes followed by the clothes he was wearing, then went to the bathroom and took a quick shower before putting on fresh clothes.

“Thobeka honey, I’m back,” he said calling for his wife once again. There was no reply as the house remained silent.

“Thobeka are you home?” he continued.

Timothy then realised that his wife was not home and he was all alone in the house.

“Oh okay, that’s strange,” he said whispering to himself.

He then went to the kitchen and took a glass out of the cupboard. He opened the fridge and poured himself some orange juice.

While he was sipping orange juice he saw some blood coming out of the freezer at the bottom of the fridge.

“What on earth?” he said as he kneeled down to open the freezer.

“Oh my God ,what the hell…?” he said.

The freezer was filled with bloody human body parts. It was his wife, Thobeka, chopped into pieces and stuffed into the freezer. Timothy dropped the glass of orange juice on the floor and rushed to the bathroom and started throwing up into the toilet. Somebody murdered his wife and chopped her into pieces.

Timothy stood up from the bathroom floor where he was kneeling with his face buried into the toilet seat. He wiped the stain of vomit from his mouth and splashed his face with water from the basin.

He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.

“Jesus Christ !” he said as he saw the reflection of a ninja assassin in the mirror standing behind him.

This was the very same assassin in his fantasy world back at the video game shop. The assassin murdered his wife, chopped her body parts and stuffed them into the freezer.


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