I tried to be involved in anyway how,
I guess I was never enough,
I have been there every step of the way,
I guess that is countless in your life,
I took your hardship, sorrow and pain like nothing,
I was your shoulder to cry on,

I made you smile and laugh every day,
I bought you flowers, gifts and much more,
I made you feel good and highly motivated,
You even noticed that the little things play
Important roles in our lives,
But your heart changed,

Your soul became corrupted,
You never listened or heard anything again,
Everything became about you every moment,
You sent violent trash talks and became arrogantly an assassin,
You destroyed and became toxic to your surroundings,
You’re not a friend but an enemy,

I guess I will stay in my lane,
Watch you survive in the wild,
Pretend that I am not looking,
While gasping the last gas of hope,
Hoping one day that you get a heart and feel what is deep inside,
I pray you find the connection.