Fear is a friend to laziness,
Sleep is a cousin of death
If you match the two up,
That’s where you will find a formula
Or route to being unsuccessful in life.

Developing hunger for everything you do
Doesn’t strain you but always shows that
You are the black sheep amongst the flock
It doesn’t only stand you out but it also
Feeds your knowledge structure to strengthen it
For the war ahead

Be just before being generous,
Your mindset is the most important bill of them all,
The first bill that you should pay before giving away
All that you, as a single unpaid debt, might lead you
Going around in circles beating around the bush
Trying to find yourself while you left yourself
When you decided to have a bank overdraft
There are always two sides of the question
But always answer the side that leads you to the journey
Of hard man ship and analyse the side that gives you
The route to fruitful accomplishments

The yard is always hard but inch by inch everything is a cinch
Develop hunger for success.
Divorce your fears, unfriend your regrets,
Ask your faith out, re-marry your self-belief,
And take your success to a honeymoon
To start living everyday as if it was your last.
Killing your doubts will be one of the best court appearances
You will every enjoy in your life