So muses
a morning radio presenter
she who asks for help
in a coming interview
about haemorrhoids

(concerned is she
that she’ll fall about
with laughter at the topic
is it Lockdown Day 42
already down Africa South)

Every day is every day
not necessarily Osibisa’s
bounce-along Sunshine Day
making the minutes tick away
quicker than Pink Floyd’s Time

Every day is every day
Jethro Tull’s rocking
A New Day Yesterday
might get one through

Paul McCartney’s ditty
Another Day won’t do
(similar it is to Eleanor Rigby)
describing the everyday
of a woman’s home and work life

Every day is every day
music lifting the spirits
in not-so-far-away Europe
(can crowded households
the planet over do the same)

Every day is every day

Though as the song New Day goes

But it’s an old day now