The first time our eyes crossed
I was not quick to change paths,
but I stopped, and stared as you
welcomed me with a big bright sparkling smile,
and from that day I felt at home
each time our eyes crossed.

Your smile never grew old, though you had specs on.
I knew your smile but not your name,
but your sudden death has taught me your name
and I felt a toothache in my heart,
yes a toothache
for I longed to see your smiley teeth smile
towards my direction,
and not feel this pain in my heart.

It pains me knowing that your last smile
was not a welcome but a goodbye.
Most smiles are fake, but yours was always genuine
it could greet one from a distance.
Your smile was the jersey that warms a cold heart.
Your smile gave confidence to the shy
not to look away
but to exchange glances with you
as the pastor preached.

There was something about your smile,
yes there was something about your smile.
It literally had arms to reach out and hug the sad.
Now that you have left us,
I know that you would hate to see our smiles
turned upside down as we frown at your sudden death.

Rest in peace, Heaven has gained a smile
and someone to smile at and welcome the saints
as they enter the pearly gates,
and as you show them your pearly white smile.