Respected, appreciate and nurtured though some are forged.
On no account, love is granted but confiscated.
The beloved and preferred are used, tricked and destroyed,
While the unfortunate are left confused.
The first ever wrecked hearted to be consumed,
Disposed of to be slaughtered and left alive but dead.
Through time waited,
Pain is tasted and infections are conveyed.
By these unforeseen affiliations
Places where vows vanish,
People perish,
Love faded and feelings assorted.

In this unforeseen affiliation
A relation for satisfaction.
When stressed and depressed suicide is committed.
What about the time spent?
The feelings you both felt.
What about the ones you said you left?
The words said you meant
Fear the red man and learn from the dead.
The dead ripped by a word,
Scattered and transmitted to still a friend.
He was dragged him to this ocean of mud for the pureness of his blood.
For you!

You will pay a price for your own choice.
You bought and brought trouble to eat piece,
You used a conniving and deceitful vice and hid your face.
Open your eyes and see!
Take this key and dive out of this sea.
Take these words I wrote for you to be free.
You are now free!
Open your eyes and hear!
Make a stand without fear.
Open your hearts and feel!
Hope came to kill.