Especially for you
Poem: my heart matching yours.
You brought God into my life.
You’ve made me a stronger man than I’ve ever been before.
I adore you, my dearest angel.

When I first met you,
I knew that you’d be someone very special to me…and close to me
And here we are today.
Still standing firm and you stood by me.
I always thought I knew what love was, Lape…
Until I met you.

You loved me…my love,
When I was too weak to love myself, or us.
Lape, you loved me…
When it was madness to love me, my dearest
You went beyond everything to assure me that you love me.
I know love because of you, I promise to love you
Till the day we die…
Till the day the good Lord takes me back home to my mother’s,
So that I can tell her what an amazing woman you were to me…I adore you
With all my heart