It just flows as sea waves
In mind too deep but light
Seems costly but stingy
It’s natural and effortless to run it
One mind but separated into two
It’s like trouser sleeves from the waist
Blue eyes as the sky with sunshine

This heart seems unprotected
And easy to be polluted
To get infections because is outside
This point is crucial,
This changes the impossibilities
Magic is applied for real
This bring brains together
Taking copies of the same document
Sharing thoughts as a spoon around
Like in early ages – and this also unites souls

Both demand and supply intersect,
You should provide what’s needed
Ancestors need flesh so mind your product
Death demands soul, mind your sacrifice, and
God demands heart, so mind your offering.
“Suppose this brings a happiness?’’
The story of being out is unnatural
This defeats strong market forces
I need to… people how to pretend?
But this can’t reach the “point”.