What’s the use of living?
What’s the use of helping someone?
What’s the use of trying?
What’s the use of investing in oneself?

Who’s watching me?
Who is behind the watchmen?
Who calls the shots?
Who’s after my art?

How should I do this?
How is this helping me in any way?
How will I be blessed if I’m doing this?
How could you possibly help me with my problems?

When will my struggles be over?
When will “God” send somebody or someone?
When am I getting my own business?
When will everybody stop judging?

This is how you control the energy of those questions
Ecclesiastes 5 Verse 12
“Sweet is the sleep of a labourer,
Whether he eats little or much;
But the surfeit of the rich will not let him sleep.”

They say: “Everybody wants to go to heaven,
But nobody wants to die.”
I have accepted the fact that we’re living hell on earth,
I may be dead or alive.
I separated myself from complaining
And started executing my goals and dreams.
The late Nelson Mandela once said:
“A dreamer, is a winner who never gives up”
Hey! Don’t cry
Get up every single day, dead or alive,
Sink or swim and stop watching “Lord of the Rings”.