Goodbye to her single life, she waved
For a long time the prince
She had waited for arrived
At that hour her happiness had
Calibrated into a bunch of joy.

But society lied to her
Deceived her and cheated her:
“To survive in this bond, daughter, endure.”
Though they sounded immature
Still by those words, she abided.

Soon her beauty began to fade
Like stars at dawn
Her fair face frequently down
Holding her head high, she failed
For it was weighed down by the
Burdens she endured

With the pain she decided to live
As she knew the life she was in was difficult to leave
For society had silenced her
Like some useless
Creature left her speechless.

Against the brutal treatment, she couldn’t speak
Against the harsh treatment, she couldn’t voice out
Against the torture, she couldn’t fight back.
Everything, she kept at her back.

The man she trusted had qualified to be an animal
She barely knew
Cheating to him had become a daily meal
She was powerless, he deprived her esteem
Tears to her were the only option
As she was made to believe that:
“Lobola had sealed her fate.”