When I imagine how this world is formed,
All forms of life and living,
This beauty of nature,
I extract endless questions,
Though I will ask.

Who owns this world?
Who, so creative came up with life?
Where do we come from?
Where do these animals originate?
I am not done yet.

Who brought this idea,
Naming of parts and obstacles?
Naming of people and animals?
These talking, walking and eating?
What makes the brain to think think?

I will have to ask one more time,
Who came with this thing so called education which is so important in a daily basis?
Who wrote that book of life,
That has all the parables of all situations called Bible?

This beauty of nature,
The source of life liquid named water,
And the beautiful land to live,
Who owns them?
Who came with all the magic?
I have a reward for that magician!