After everything I have done
in your life, you still flow to
me like a river to the sea.

After all the tears I have rained
in your eyes for decades,
sleeping with every girl
that jumped into my life like
a dog, even though I saw
you as my only diamond.

Even though I poisoned your
heart with a portion of pain,
making your heart wear all
the rags of sadness.
Still, you never change your
colours for someone else,
like a chameleon, you
always remain the same
inside my cruel heart.

After disappointing your
heart with dishonesty,
your love always gets attracted
towards me, like the like poles
of a magnet instead of repelling.

After ignoring your calls in my
life like Satan, after denying your name like
Peter who denied Jesus Christ.
For three countable times
After running away from
your love like Jonah.
After leaving you like
Autumn leaves, still
you always come to me like
waves along the lips of a beach.