It was on the 12 of December 2012.
I though that there were never gonna be tomorrow.
The sun was bright thus a very good Wednesday.
I woke up with joy but fright.
I sat down and wondered what would happen.

I was scared, frightened and shivering.
My heart beating normally not, but rapidly by perplexity.
My tongue was tied like a nail screwed on a timber.
My walks were of a snail, sneaking and capturing every step.
I was in expectancy of death in so many ways.

Food I ate in variety and bunch,
as if they were waving goodbye goodbye.
Water I drank still, mineral and flavoured.
I wore all different clothes in an hour.
Shoes I changed like a chameleon changing colours.

I told myself that I will live as tomorrow won’t exist.
I swung on different see-saws,
I climbed the tall trees too high in clouds,
I wept and felt my tears as they roll and dry.
I stayed there for hours.

The sun set,
with people done so many activities:
marriage; burials; birthdays and graduations.
They had the same thought as mine,
that tomorrow will not come.

In our minds roamed so many natural hazards.
From volcano to tsunami,
sun degree of 100 to hurricanes,
earthquake to floods.
You know all forms of death.

Everybody slept with hope that this day was the last and their last.
They slept in fright though the moon was smiling and they waved goodbye goodbye.
Neither was end of the world
but just beliefs and thoughts.