Man is the master of thought
The moulder of characters
The maker and shaper of conditions
He contains within himself whole transformations
If you are like today’s younger generation
Who get too carried away by a drama on television
Channels are always kept active in peak conditions
When an artist paints a picture, he uses discrimination
To cause distraction

He chooses one place of concentration
To make fun of your convictions
The way you adjust that picture on television
In your concentration you usually interpret visitation
It travels in disguise and convinces us that its suggestions
Are harmless and will bring fun and happiness
Take responsibility for your actions
Because when you fall asleep you forget all definitions
You hypnotize yourself so that it seems to you that there’s great division
By the wrong application of thoughts

Man descends below the level of the beast
Because that is not where the action is
I am aware of my contribution
Thoughts caught up in a life of seeing frustration
Since I imagine you are not ready for a continuation
Praise a child when he shows cooperation
When he begins to reflect upon conditions
He includes a contribution to those who
struggled to find direction
If he proves himself by patient practice and investigation
Then he indeed receives information
In this direction of paying attention

To the spiritual dimension
Cultivating towards perfection
Because of that inner goal many are filled with frustration
In a large manner, the emotions defy time
End of dictation