They say true love doesn’t exist
But in you I believe this is one of a kind
You made me believe in the stories of folks
Such as the beauty and the beast

You always reflect on me
Whenever I’m alone,
You always guide me and teach
The meaning of love
People may lie to me but you are always there
To reveal the truth to me
You are the man among men,
You are my one and only hero

Your voice keeps on telling me not to quit
Whenever I’m about to lose it in the joyfulness of haters

You are the person who knows
My inner God and demons
A person who always reflects and leads in my mirror,

Tell you what
I’m enamored by your selfie
I love you because you always stood truthful to yourself,
You never left even when you were broke or weak
But instead stood still so call it a self-love

You are one of a kind
You always tell me that I’m more
Than diamond
And more than gold