Oh no I can’t!
I am a man, so I can’t admit
that I have been hurt by a woman.

In this game of love only women are victims, not men,
Whipping, broken hearts and all that sad stuff
was meant for women, not for men.

I don’t wanna be disgraced in this world of haters,
but it’s a fact – a woman did hurt a man.
But how? A man is stone!

Damn she’s so pretty, so intelligent, how did she manage to win my heart?
Who gave her the key to open my palace (heart)!?
I did not!

This is theft for sure it’s also a crime.
How am I going to take this case further because I’m stuck in the same position
With that feigned love she gave me to hold on to.

Damn I’m so stupid!
How could I let her to rap my heart with her feigned love!?
See now, she got my heart.

She won my trust and then ran away,
dragging my love into sharp thorns caring not about what damage she left behind.
Though she’s far away, yet still I can feel the pain of my love.

This ain’t a miracle nor a myth
but a painful fact – I have been hurt
by a woman.

Now I can’t love. I’m still trapped into her feigned love
Nor can I move on
because I still feel the hurt of my damaged heart.