Em I wrong to want so much?
Wanting world peace in a world of no peace
Parents for all these children
These children didn’t give birth to themselves
Gold chains and diamond rings for these miners
These miners worked hard to extract these minerals
Seems like hard work has little reward
The rich use brains not strength
The aim is not to sweat

Em I wrong to question modern ways
For pointing out the acnes of modern society
For forcing the masses to face reality
Turn a blind eye and you’ll never see it coming
Is it too late to try and warn them?
To try saving a nation that has no savings?
I want the best for them
I wish the best for them
I pray daily for them
See I have been given the touch
Allow me to brighten you up
I found you as a mess
Let me leave you as a message
I can see the best in you
But right now you’re the worst of you.