Entangled in the divisions I grew up in this situation it was laid up for me
I can change it, in fact, I am working on changing it
It is just that the road has not been an easy one
I am poor!
Born from poor parents
So poverty is my relative it is all I know
I have not known the comfort of having a home
The comfort of sleeping in my own bed
We have gone hopping from one place to the next
I stopped counting the backrooms of other people’s houses that we have called home
How they have treated us like rubbish
And thrown us back to the street still makes me weep
The fact that I can be discriminated against because I am poor
Is something that I struggled with my entire life
I was not accepted by my baby’s family because I am a poor girl
He left me with a child because I was too poor to fit into his life
I do not hate the rich because I too will be rich
I will be different because I will not discriminate against the poor
I will acknowledge their existence as they too are people
And I will help elevate a poor child to my level