eKasi my home of homes
Where we aspire to riches and thrones
A paradise for kids
A blessing and a curse for adults
Unpleasant to the middle class
Who see us living amongst the rats and filth
But we still dance and hang out
Jaiva maJaivane, Jika MaJika
Shay’iSpantsula La Estradeni
The fun never stops
A depreciated and dilapidated place
A shanty where any day can be your last
Heaven and Hell’s battlefield
Churchgoers frown upon heathens
Flames and streetlights burn bright as the sun
Snuffed by jealousy and betrayal
Guns blazing
Shots fired day and night
Destiny doesn’t play by your rules in this township
It changes like a game of dice
And yet
It’s a place of serenity
A place of freedom
Lana sithi spina guluva ngale gusheshe!
This is where I belong
This is where my roots are deeply anchored
Deep in this concrete jungle
Leli yiKasi lami!
This is my Kasi