Above average, smile infectious, grind for hers,
So under her eyes the only baggage she owns,
she never claimed to be flawless.
Chin in the sky, perfect manners, confidence disguised.
Show the slightest disrespect – she’ll correct you
with arrogance. Damn she’s gorgeous!

Calm as sunrise before noon,
smile enlightening as the moon.
Undistracted by an ocean of
media feed like a lagoon.
Her vibe 90s r&b playlist mood,
subtle as she seeks, to love she alludes.
Mysterious with hints she shares.
Hold on as she’s bound to elevate,
helium in a balloon.

She’s a woman,
her exterior defines beauty so it’s fragile.
Yes, she’s a woman in a cruel world,
so her interior has to be agile.
Above average!?
Passion running through her veins,
style and taste, face and brains –
she’s definitely far from an eight or banal.