Day and night, morning and noon
It’s like the only thing on my mind
My future plan
What I want out of life
What I want to make myself
A name I want to be honoured for

I can’t at all seem to shake it off
The feeling that I will be a person of importance
A need in a way
I will for sure be the next richest woman on earth
This is not a fantasy but something I know
There are many great things to follow me

I love you mom and dad for this priceless gift
That no-one can take away from me
The gift of education
One that other parents wish to give their children
But because of hard times and destitute they can’t
But I want to thank you
As I always say “Ndikrelekrele nje, ngekhe ndiphinde ndijike,”
Because the brain, knowledge and everything I have,
Nobody can take away
Education is very crucial